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Sometimes we all need a creative hand when writing and often a seemingly meaningless phrase can spark off great ideas. Now sit back, relax, and absorb these seeds in front of you with an open mind. If you see one you like, hit pause and dwell on it. Very likely, they will become part of the plot, the backdrop, the life of wherever it is your impassioned mind may wander.

Shuffle Pause
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A big spark doubts| The fingerprint came back| The unexploded rocket syndrome| A lonely, bisexual kayak| A rabbit translates well| A depressed shooting star| Paper kites prefer thunder| A map loses weight| A shadow in the window…mystery| Your room has a cliché. Destroy it| Thousand penguins walk a little to the left| Never trust a stockbroker taxi driver| Karaoke does not lie| A gallon of clowns| A surprise alter ego| Dreams of a helmet| The trophies are bored| An aerodynamic centipede| Watch out for the cataclysm of ferrets| An eccentric peace explodes| An ambush of dirty dishcloths | Two spaces miss each other| The tail of a Q looks at you| Two ravenous accents fight| Break the distant stare| Always is something| Silence thinks twice| Sparks engulfed in gas| Oil bites the cliché| Another broken glass| Only flies die that way| The nucleus knows too much| A leaf forgets its ant| A tunnel made anew| Laugh and I no longer love you| Embezzling the superficial| Wise text is worth a thousand tweets| Envy kills itself| Two colors get too close| A stolen kiss| The champion of deep-sea fish| The truck wears its owner’s face| A thousand beards submerge themselves| The best baton in the world| Helium. Say it again.| A whisk of farewells| A pencil tells the truth| The wind dances a shadow| The man shouts at the scream| Two pants plan together| Bouquets of lost steps| Two paths… at a crossroad| Three paths… easy| A storm of electric frogs| A transvestite lion confesses| A song breaks into atoms| The truth dreams in verse| Two goodbyes grow apart| A hole leaves the chest hollow| Routine seizes the knot| The shell never knew| 1.5 rabbits of luck| Gallons of ramps| The light that swam slowly| Age is more than the mark it leaves| The eye already knew| The seed hears voices| Influence writes biographies

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